The Radishes are an alterna/trash punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lineup = John Dumont - bass; Jason Fessel - guitar; Randy Leasure - drums; Paul Stinson - vox, guitar.

"Fast loud snotty punk rock that reminds us of a cross between The Dickies and The Dead Boys...but with a much more modern overall vibe. This is a short little EP. These five tracks whiz by in about 13 minutes...but in that amount of time the guys in The Radishes make their point loud and clear. The band is comprised of Paul Stinson (vocals, guitar, piano), John Dumont (bass), Jason Fessel (guitar), and Randy Leasure (drums). All five of these tracks are cool hard rockers: "Last Call," "Blood Stains," "Jackals," Gotta Gun," and "Hot." A totally fun upbeat experience. These guys must put on one helluva show..."  Babysue, Jan. 2013

"Once in a while, a band will release music that will reaffirm, and connect you, to that elusive belief of what makes great art. You know, those classic albums/songs (some of them of our own astute opinion) that hold a cherished place in our music collection. For me, after hearing The Radishes: Strychnine EP it's already occupying that hallowed ground.” I-94 Bar (4/08)

“The group’s title track is a brawny, ballsy and brazing rock tune that sounds like it came from the streets of New York, namely the same streets The New York Dolls once roamed.” - Pop Matters review of Strychnine EP (7/08)

“On their debut album Good Machine, The Radishes bring the sweat. It oozes out of ‘Suicide’ and into your hips. Their best cuts seem to have been sliced from the rock meat shared by Thin Lizzy and Motorhead, adding a touch of punk spice.” – Tripwire (11/07)

“Snotty heavy punk. Dead Boys, Gorilla Biscuits. Good for picking up slutty Jersey girls.” – Hybrid Magazine (12/07).