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August 27, 2012

The Radishes

Release: “Riot”

Label: Independent

Date of Release: August 27, 2012

Category: Punk / Indie Rock
Availability: iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon and select retail locations
Formats: MP3 and CD
Press Contact: Jory White,

Track Listing:
    •    Last Call
    •    Blood Stains
    •    Jackals
    •    Gotta Gun
    •    Riot

“The last thing I’m gonna do… is lose my mind over you!” shouts the chorus of the title track (and first single) “Riot” from the latest studio effort from The Radishes. The song has a fury and intensity that doesn’t let up through all five EP tracks. Clocking in at just over eleven minutes, the EP delivers a powerful one-two punk punch that will appeal to fans of 70s and 80s punk bands like The Stooges, Agent Orange and The Heartbreakers as well as more contemporary bands like Swedish garage rockers The Hellacopters and fellow Californians Pennywise.

The Radishes - known for their machine gun delivered vocals, brazen guitars and frenetic drums - don’t disappoint on “Riot”. The release is loud and proud, with a raw, yet finely tuned production style.  After working with Wayne Kramer (MC5), Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) and Rey Washam (Ministry, Scratch Acid) on their last EP “Strychnine,” The Radishes have now settled into a new lineup comprised of vocalist and guitarist Paul Stinson (also of The Stripminers), guitarist Jason Fessel, bassist John Dumont and drummer Randy Leasure.

With dramatic flare and succinct, staccato delivery, Stinson’s vocals and catchy lyrics mesh brilliantly with the brash, abrasive mix of wailing guitars and angry drums. This is a DIY punk record that will remind the listener of what was so great about punk in the first place.

Other tracks include “Gotta Gun”, with its danceable surf-rock-on-speed bass line that should keep crowds pogo-ing and moshing with zeal. And the gazillion + BPM “Last Call” awesomely sums up the angry, defeated feeling of arriving at a bar just as it’s shutting down. The band’s take on Agent Orange’s “Blood Stains” is another fierce rocker with the punk anthem shouts of, “Blood stains, speed kills, fast cars, cheap thrills… I lost my sense, I lost control, I lost my mind!”

Self-produced by Stinson, the album is slightly more raw and gritty than past releases, yet with a still polished production that rewards detailed, repeated listening.

RIYD: Pennywise, The Stooges, Agent Orange, Hellacopters, The Heartbreakers

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